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Safe Specialists

Whether you need us to change the combination to your safe, break into it, or purchase a new one,
we can do it all!
We specialize in safe manipulation, opening, Lock out, Safe repair and replacement parts. We service and sell most brands including: Amsec, Adesco, Gardell, Major, Protex, Sentry, Cannon, Fort and many more.........
As safe specialists we work on many aspects of safes such as servicing the locks, mechanical and electronic, retrofitting locks and opening all types of safes.

Every home needs at least one safe if not two. One would act as a dummy safe, easier for a burglar to find, the other would be the one you use to store your valuables in.
Make sure your safes are bolted down.
Do not use your birthdate as your combination
Make sure your safe suites the application you need it for, i.e. if you are storing paperwork in it, make sure its a fire proof safe. If you are using it for Jewelry make sure you have a Burglary rated safe. There are many safes for different applications, Call us and we will find the right one to fit your needs.

There are many types, such as :
Fire rated safes
Burglary Rated safes
Fire & Burglary rated safes, 
Wall safes
Floor safes
Gun safes
Rifle safes
Luxury jewelry safe
Custom safes
Depository Drop safes
Vault doors
Safety deposit safes

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